angel handpan

Hee’s Angel Handpan’s story.
When the hammer struck the steel sheet for the first time on the old metal barrel recovered nearby, then it would no longer have been possible to stop the fervor and enthusiasm of the empirical gesture. Repeated over and over again millions of times. In order to hope to reach the supreme and sublime birth of sound.
That very particular and deep belonging to the soul of the pan.
It would have taken many attempts and setbacks at the very beginning of the 90s, before timidly approaching a semblance of the powerful sonic warmth of Trini’s drums!

They on the island started well before that time, and made the birthplace of this wonderful instrument.
They are its “parents”, anxious to bequeath to us this long path of learning and research that the making of a pan requires. All the makers know it well, I think.
How do I tell Trinidad where this gift is so precious to us? Yes, that’s for sure, so here is a powerful legacy that invites the greatest respect and infinite recognition!

Steelband Girondin

For my part, the few hundred sections built by force of insistence and conviction during this period will have been in order to make them available to the many musicians who formed the first Steelband Girondin. And this in order to allow everyone to immerse themselves in this incredible sound adventure without any financial “barrier”.
At that time, therefore, the whole country being rather devoid of any panistic and cultural practice in this area (with rare isolated exceptions), it was nevertheless necessary to take some benchmarks from makers already “confirmed”. And this is that much later than my meeting with Trinidad was real.

On the other hand, at this same time I quickly learn that Switzerland is already provided with Steelbands made up. And that there is a hammerer there too: “Head and body in the cans”, knocking on the sheet to get out already a very good result.
This meeting of a few days with Mr. Félix Rohner, for my part was a moment of sharing out of the ordinary, subjugated by the creative fervor of the character.
It was 10 years before the first Hang. All my respects also to this man who knew how to give so much for the evolution of the pan, and in turn to trace a path innovative.


Today, this long and beautiful adventure around the Steelpans, naturally led me to look into the process and the concept of the handpan with Angel Handpan. Several months of experiments and prototypes having been necessary in order to reach a first convincing result.
A big thank you to the passage to maestro Eddy (Esapan) for his support and his precious advice. This helped and encouraged me from the very beginning.

Mixing the knowledge obtained over these long years of practice on steelpans, with the very specific peculiarities of the handpan. The objective of the “ANGEL” panels will be to succeed in offering instruments of the best possible quality. Hoping that the process adopted will allow keeping the “soul” so precious that each part must contain.
100% “handmade” process, other ways are being tested, but the handpans currently offered to follow this “ancestral” methodology.
In a short time, a dedicated site “ANGEL” will be put online. This in order to shed light on the various questions asked, as well as to present more exhaustively the different sections offered.

Thank you

Finally, I would like to end this little presentation by thanking very sincerely and very deeply all of you.
The Angel Handpan exists for your support too.
All the many friends and relatives, relatives, makers, panists and not, “festivactors” etc.
A big thanks for their immeasurable support and their wonderful enthusiasm for my modest work behind the skirts. And where in each of them, the heart speaks with great force! Thank you!


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Europe Market 70%
World Market 40%
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