baopan instrument

Hi, my name is Frank, HP Maker from France and this is Baopan Instrument

BAOPAN Instrument is the result of the work of a metal craftsman who create sound sculptures.
These are melodic steel percussion instruments of the Handpan family.

Inspirations is the key. In this case the idea came from the Caribbean Steelpan and more recently by the Hang created in 2000.
BAOPAN is an instrument accessible to everyone because it’s very intuitive and it offers a wide range of range depending on the sensitivity of each.

Frank has been passionate for the Handpans for many years, and naturally interested in their manifacture in 2014. The path was sown with embraces: sometimes demoralizing, sometimes euphorising, but always exciting to become a clear example.

France Market 99%
Europe Market 90%
World Market 80%
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