mag instrument

Mag Instrument started is story a long time ago.
It was in a far-far small country called Switzerland, in a picturesque city, Bern.
Here Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer created something new, something magical.
They create instruments called hang. This beautiful UFO shaped idiophonic and percussive instrument started its adventuorus and victorious path.
With their company PANArt Hangbau AG they started to produce hangs.
Or later incorrectly named hang drums, which has changed the world.
Then, after several years, because of the huge demand for the hang, newer and newer makers appeared. Companies have born all around the world copying, rethinking, developing this “magic made of metal”.

The term handpan first appeared online in the fall of 2007 on the website of an American steelpan producer Pantheon Steel.
It was used to describe its own development of a new instrument. A new instrument which was launched as an alternative to the Hang.

But from the middle/end of the first decade of XXI century this wonderful instrument started to become well-known among the people all over the world.

Not long time ago in a far-far small country, Hungary, in a picturesque city, Győr, four handpan-lover boys started to follow their dreams and create their own instrumentS.
Finally, after 3 years of challenging searching, exploring and experimenting they ended up to make their own metal sound sculpture: the MAG handpan.
Thanks to their efforts and enthusiasm for today the MAG handspans are one of the highest quality instruments of the world.
And their story is continuing.

Hungary Market 15%
Europe Market 75%
World Market 10%
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