The Nomad Instrument project was born in 2017 from the will of two young boys with a visceral passion for the Handpan, an unconventional tool, to make their interest their own art and finds its base in the heart of Florence.
The workshop is a place of dedication for work, for music and for these instruments.
A “Temple” where the metal is sculpted, molded, sweetened to give it “Life” and “Voice”.
The choice of a handpan is the search for an individual melody that we are ready to pander to
The Nomad Instrument creative process is entirely handmande and 100% made in Italy.
Also, in our workshop we perform all the work exclusively by hand, with calm, patience and accuracy. This permit to each Nomad Handpan the time to “mature” and then be finished, until it becomes a unique sound sculpture.

Italy Market 60%
European Market 50%
World Market 30%