Alessio’s Handpan Selection is born from a deep passion for this magical instrument called Handpan. 
I wanted to share my knowledge and professional experience gained since 2012 with Hardcase Technologies and spread it around the world. 
Every Handpan / Pantam are in stock in my workshop in Italy.

My mission is to create a careful selection of Pantam-Handpan Makers, which I follow and admire for the work they are doing. 
Here you will not find low-quality handpan with inflated prices or Handpan makers with an unreliable reputation.
Enjoy my Inner space.

Why do I limit the number of Affiliates?
Anyone who is interested in working with us, don’t wait, contact us now.
I will choose to limit the number of HP Makers inside this shop.

 Why do it ?

Basically i want to maintain only quality instruments and i don’t want to follow the cheaper price with bad quality Handpan. There are many Handpan shops selling poor quality instruments, this is not my intention.
I will choose you for your Human quality, HP quality, and honest reputation in the Handpan scene.

Alessio M.

Handpan Shop Selections