Here there are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) you might find interesting. They relate to shipping, returns, retuned service, payments and more.

Shipping / Returns / Retuned Service

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We can ship only with DHL to preserve the packing and keep the best delivery service. Italy: 24 48 H Delivery Europe: 3-6 Days Delivery World Wide: 6-8 Day Delivery. Ensured pack: It's optional and we suggest selecting during Checkout.

How can I track my order?

After confirmation of the pack it's ship out, please verify your email from DHL company. For any Inquiry Please send one Email to

Can i refund my order and ship back to you?

We cannot accept the withdrawal policy. 
I’m not a handpan maker and this Shop is a personal project coming from my passion for playing good quality Handpan & Pantams. 
Every Handpan & Pantam are unique and shipping many times can be dangerous. 
So before purchasing here, please choose carefully. 
Take some time to watch the videos with good quality HEADPHONES and research all technical information about our Handpan collection. 
PLEASE before PURCHASE be 100% sure about the scale you like.

How can Re-tuned my instrument?

If the Handpan-Pantam that you purchase from this shop becomes detuned in the future (uncared use/accident/etc.) Don’t PANIC… 
Every instrument comes from a reliable Handpan Maker. 
Inside the Box with our HcT Bag you will find a Certificate with all the INFO about your Handpan-Pantam and how to contact the Maker who builds your jewel. 

Every Handpan Maker in my shop will be able to repair (subject to damage) and retune your instrument. *All costs for Repair/Tuning and Shipping fees will be afforded by your self !!<br /> The warranty will be based on each HP makers individual policy. 
For more info please contact the Handpan / Pantam Maker and visit our Maker page .<br /> For any other Inquiry please send us an email to and follow us on our social media platforms.

Payment & More INFO

I have changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

If you delete the order before we ship out YES you can. If we ship out sorry but we cannot refund anymore. Please send one Email to

How can I pay? Can i pickup directly and pay you by Cash?

We Accept Paypal or Bank Transfert. You can select your preference during Checkout. We are also an open door for customers who want to come to try and buy our Collections. Please call us 1-2 weeks before coming. We receive customers only by Appointment.

Can you customized Scale or Handan?

No sorry, I'm not Handpan maker. I'm just a Bag maker with a strong passion for this instrument. For that reason, we cannot change the scale or modify in any way the instrument in this shop. Every Instrument are unique in Flash Sale.

Wy i cannot found every Handpan Maker in this shop?

For the moment it's a small project and we cannot have more HP makers. Anyway, we are open to collaborate with more brands in the next future. Here you can found only Good Handpan and Reliable Handpan Brand. Every New brand will be tested from my side before accept and show here.

All Question is dummy purpose?

AHHA maybe.. so if you have other different question please contact US. I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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