Alessio Handpan Selection born from my deep passion for this magical instrument called Handpan.I wanted to share my knowledge and professionalism gained since 2012 with Hardcase Technologies and make it real. Every HP are stock in my workshop in Italy. 

My mission it's create a careful selection of Pantam Handpan Maker, which I follow and admire for the work that has been done. No way to found here doubtful quality with ragged prices: No way to found here Handpan makers with a bad reputation on the scene.
Enjoy my Inner space. 
Alessio HcT CEO

Meraki Handpan

meraki handpan makers

AYASA Instrument

ayasa instrument

Meridian Handpan

Baopan Instrument

baopan instrument

Jan's Pannen

jan's pannen


pandakini handpan maker


Harmonic Sculpture

Matteo Gusmeroli HS

Nomad Instruments


SoulPan handpan maker


Panalp sound sculpture

Yishama Pantam

Leaf Sculpture

leaf sculpture handpan

Echosound Sculpture

echosound sculpture handpan makers


Mark Wilson

Mag Instrument


aggion handpan

Panamor handpan

Angel Handpan

angel handpan

Noblet Instruments

noblet handpans


taopan handpan maker

Veritas Sound Sculpture

veritas sound sculpture handpan maker

Mirror Instruments

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