We cannot accept the withdrawal policy.  
I’m not a handpan maker and this Shop is a personal project coming from my passion for playing good quality Handpan & Pantams. 
Every Handpan & Pantam are unique and shipping many times can be dangerous. 
So before purchasing here, please choose carefully. 
Take some time to watch the videos with good quality HEADPHONES and research all technical information about our Handpan collection.

PLEASE before PURCHASE be 100% sure about the scale you like.

If the Handpan / Pantam that you purchase from this shop becomes detuned in the future (uncared use/accident/etc.) Don’t PANIC… 
Every Handpan comes from a reliable Handpan Maker. 
Inside the Box with our HcT Bag you will find a Certificate with all the INFO about your Handpan / Pantam and how to contact the Maker who builds your jewel. 

Every Handpan Maker in my shop will be able to repair (subject to damage) and retune your instrument. *All costs for Repair/Tuning and Shipping fees will be afforded by your self !!

The warranty will be based on each Handpan maker’s individual policy. 
For more info please contact the Handpan / Pantam Maker  HERE.

-For any other Inquiry please send us an email to and follow us on our social media platforms.